Whether you’re a bookstore, library, gift shop, or even a large book club, we offer many benefits including:

  • Greater than standard industry discounts: 45% off retail prices for 9 books or fewer, higher discounts for larger orders (we do not accept orders for fewer than 6 copies of any one title)
  • All orders include free shipping (to one location, Continental US only)
  • Free marketing materials, including bookmarks, shelf talkers, custom-printed display stands, etc.
  • Coordinating and assistance marketing/publicity of author events, signings, and more

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  1. Compose an e-mail to BrickstonePub “at” gmail “dot” com
  2. In subject line, type: WHOLESALE BOOK ORDER
  3. Copy and paste the below section into the e-mail:
    • First and last name:
    • Business name:
    • Resale number if applicable (if you do not provide a resale number, sales tax will be collected):
    • Continental US Mailing Address (must not be a PO Box):
    • Phone number:
    • E-mail address & name of person where you want the invoice sent. Please type carefully!:
    • Title 1:
    • Quantity (minimum 6):
    • Free Bookmarks? Yes or no:
    • Free Shelftalkers? Yes or no:
    • Free Display? Yes or no:
  4. Add your answers. If ordering more than one title, please provide the info for Title 2, Title 3, and so on
  5. Send us the e-mail!
  6. You will receive a prompt reply with an invoice and/or further instructions

Payment Terms:

  • All purchasers other than major chain bookstores: (including indie stores, gift shops, libraries, book clubs, consumers, etc.) Books are paid for up front via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or Paypal. We do not offer payment plans and do not offer books on consignment.
  • Major chain bookstores: Please contact us with your offering.


  • Indie bookstores and gifts shops ONLY: We accept returns only if you bought the books directly from Brickstone Publishing. Books cannot be returned sooner than 90 days from date of purchase, and must be returned before 15 months from date of purchase. Returned books must be in resaleable condition… no stickers, marks, residue, excessive curling, etc. We will not accept returns in excess of 75% of your order. (Eg: if you ordered 20 books, we will allow you to return a max of 15). If the books you wish to return meet these requirements, please contact us for a Return Authorization. Please DO NOT send any returns without getting a Return Authorization FIRST.
  • Major chain bookstores: As per contract agreement at the time purchase was made.
  • All others, including libraries, book clubs, etc: *No returns. See exceptions.
  • *Exceptions: When you buy books directly from Brickstone Publishing, on the off-chance that they don’t arrive in just-right condition, we will (of course!) accept their return within 10 days of your receiving them. Please contact us for a Return Authorization. Please DO NOT send any returns without getting a Return Authorization FIRST.